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Wildlife Ponds

Wildlife ponds will attract all sorts of wild creatures and can be a very beautiful water feature in your garden. They are simple to design as you have total freedom to do what ever you like as you do not need to accommodate fish (No minimum size limits).

Animals and insects can come and go as they please so no need to worry about cold winter months or your pond drying up in the middle of the summer.

You still need to consider all the animals that will visit your pond and make sure that there is access for them to enter and exit without having any trouble.

If you are using a container or an old bath then the sides may be too steep. Put some bricks under the water and place some plants on top, this will help all animals, you just need to use your imagination.

This pond below provides great cover all round! A pond which animals and insects will love. wildlife pond

If you want a wildlife pond then make it with a liner and have sloping sides all round and have it at least 1.5m x 1.5m and 50cm deep.

The best thing to do when having this type of pond is to let it be wild! Just have loads of plants and cover growing all around to make it not only wild looking, but to make all the animals feel safe.

Try to keep the pond natural looking - there is no point having an above ground pond made of fancy brickwork if you are intending for it to have a wildlife look and feel about it.

Make marsh areas and create a bog (see more on this in the building ponds section) this way you can have a larger selection of plants to choose from and the animals will love it.

I would keep most of your pond plants in pots. This keeps some growth restriction to some of the fast growing plants and makes it easier to clean out.

This natural wildlife pond below has nice sloping sides giving great access to all creatures.

pond natural

You will need to clean a wildlife pond out around every nine months or slightly less. This is because you would not normally have fountains, waterfalls or filtration systems in place which keeps the water clean and stagnant free.

Once you have this type of pond up and running, it is without a doubt the cheapest pond to run, as no expensive equipment or fish food is needed. No water testing or treatments are required either. If you love the thought of having a wild pond in your garden, and really want fish, then please make sure it is big enough. You will also need to look after them as they can not just pop out and find another home like other creatures!

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