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Water Garden Ponds

Water garden ponds are the same as any other pond with a few exceptions. I wanted to put this section in to clear up any mixed ideas you may have...

"Am I creating a pond?"

"Am I creating a water garden?"

"What is the difference?"

Pond with rocks and flower surrounds It all started with people wanting to keep fish in their back gardens.....

Because the main focus was on the fish they would call themselves fish keepers. Plants and surroundings came second to the fish and the quality of the water.

Most people start out wanting to keep fish, but with the selection of plants and water features available today it is hard to ignore them. Gardening enthusiasts now have the option of bringing water, and the wildlife that it attracts, into the garden......

Thus creating the water garden which is so much more than a pond with fish.

The easiest way to simplify things is that a Koi keeper who just has Koi and no plants or other fish, could be considered a fish keeper or a pond keeper.

Where as a water gardener is creating more of a natural pond and taking care of plants, rocks, bog plants, grasses, water features and so on.

yellow lily in pond If you have a large garden I would suggest that making a water garden would be preferable. It will not only blend into your surroundings but you will also have more space to create a great look and feel. You will also be able to concentrate on the space surrounding, as well as in, the pond.

If you have a small town house with a tiny garden, a small above the ground formal pond, with very little plants, would be more suitable.

Whether you become a pond keeper or a water gardener you will have years of enjoyment and pleasure from your creation.

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