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Vortex Chamber

A vortex chamber can help with huge amounts of organic waste produced by Koi, which will not only build up but become very harmful to your fish.

This is where the vortex chamber comes in and removes all the solid waste and dissolves it.

These systems are quite large and look a bit like a huge ice cream cone with the bottom chopped off, but unfortunately it does not come with a flake the same size.

They have an inlet pipe at the top and an outlet pipe at the bottom.

The water enters this cone shape cylinder and discharges the pond water so that it rushes around inside and then slows down as the water is pulled towards the centre of the cylinder.

When this happens all the waste in the water is removed and can be disposed off. Then the water can be put through a filtration system before returning to the pond.

This system is becoming very popular in all ponds but are used mainly with Koi keepers.

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