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Using Preformed Ponds to Create an Above Ground Pond.

If you want to create an above ground pond then using a symmetrical preformed ponds is going to be the easiest way forward.

The main aspects you need to get right when using preformed ponds to create an above ground pond is the support below and around your pond, this will insure it does not sink or develop cracks.

Marking out your pond

Once you have accessed your garden and decided where you are going to sit your pond, the first thing to do is place your preformed pond into position. This way you will have an idea of how the pond will look and affect the use of your garden space.

Then put some canes into the ground around your preformed pond level with the lip of your pond. Then place string around the canes to mark out the pond area and then remove your preformed pond.

Above ground pond 2 Foundation for your pond

The upmost thing you will not want to happen is for your pond to start to sink or even worse end up lopsided. To prevent this you need to create a good firm base.

To do this remove the top soil and go down around 20cm deep and fill half full with hardcore and compact it down as best as you can. Then the rest of the hole can be filled with a layer of concrete insuring that it is level.

Note: If you are using a very large preformed pond bigger than 3 metre square it is wise to use steel reinforcing.

Note: When intending to create large ponds you may also want to increase the hardcore and concrete layers thickness to make sure that your pond is supported correctly.

Put your preformed mould into position

If you have chosen a symmetrical performed pond then it is most likely to have a flat bottom which you can place straight onto the concrete foundation you have made. If not then place a layer of mortar down and then place your preformed pond onto the mortar making sure it is level and leave to set.

Building around your pond

Now you are ready to start building around your pond. Any wall that you build around your pond needs a foundation. The same foundation you used before, hardcore and then concrete, but it needs to go deeper into the ground. Around 50cm deep and 40cm wide will support a wall of 20cm in thickness.

Backfilling for pond support

When you start to build your wall around your preformed unit using stone, brick or block you need to back fill in between your preformed unit and the wall as your wall starts to rise.

The back fill formula should be very weak, 7 parts ballast to 1 part cement and just moist.

If you are using a semi rigid or flexible preformed unit it may be wise to fill the pond as you backfill to make sure that the pond unit is in the shape it will stay and be supported in all areas.

Pond edging

Once your wall has reached the height of your pond and is level with the pond lip you can smooth it of level all the way around. This is then ready to place stones or tiles on the top of your wall to finish of the construction of your pond.

Place tiles or stone on top of the wall with mortar making sure that there is a nice overhang on the inside of the pond which gives the pond a more professional finish. The over hang also protects the preformed unit from the sun which helps maintain its shelf life.

Keep those nasty chemicals out

Once your pond is set you can paint any tiles, slabs mortar that is above the pond or come in contact with the pond water with sealant. This will keep in any nasty chemicals that can be very harmful to your fish, plants and wildlife.

Finishing touches

Then you can do any other painting and let the pond water settle for a few months before introducing your first fish.

Add plant pots around your pond, seating areas and any other designs to complete your pond creation.

Or click here to see how to create a below ground pond with a preformed pond.

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