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Using Pond Liner

Below is how to install your pond using pond liner.

Pond Position

Most people automatically decide they want a pond at the edge or in the corner of their garden. They seem to want to tuck it out of the way where it can not be seen as well.

It may be best or look better for it to be placed in a corner but always leave enough space around the whole of the pond. This does not only help with installation but leaves room for shrubs, flowers, rocks etc but gives you easy access when doing future maintenance.

This also gives the plants plenty of sunlight for growth and the fish will get plenty of sunlight which will help them keep their colour. Having the pond near walls or fences could cause too much shade and roots of plants being restricted.

Mark Out Your Pond

The first thing to do when using pond liner is to mark out the perimeter of the pond with sand, pegs,hosepipe or string.Whatever you can find that will do the job. This is then a perfect time to make sure that the ground is level in the position you want to place your pond.

Installing ponds
99% of the time your garden will not be level and soil will either have to be removed or added to get the top of the pond level.

Concrete Edging

You may at this point decide to remove the turf from around the outside of your marked pond. Depending on what edging you are using for your pond will depend on how much you should remove.

If you are using 40cm slabs around your pond edge then remove 35cm of turf around your marked out pond. This will leave a small overhang of 10cm which will not only give a better look and feel to your pond but protect your pond liner from direct sunlight.

This area will later be used to place down concrete ready for your pond edging. You will want to make sure that this area is perfectly level using a spirit level.

Dig Out Your Pond

Also see Pond Digging

You can start digging out your pond. What ever design you decide to have there is 3 important points to remember.

1. Make sure your pond has a deep area of 50cm or more.

2. Have shallow shelve areas of around 20cm deep to place plants.

3. Have your pond gradually getting deeper with no sharp drops as this may collapse and not be supported as it should be.

Always try and keep to 2 levels of depth, shallow and deep, the more depths you have the more difficult you will find it installing your pond when using pond liner.

Any soil remove could be used for a raised flower bed, waterfall or many other features in the garden.


Once you have your pond dug out you need to place a good quality underlay down before installing your liner.

You can use sand as an extra underlay but I would not use it by itself as it can get washed away and the last thing you want is a punctured liner.

pond construction
Installing Your Liner

Unfold or unroll your liner out near the pond and drag the liner slowly and gently over your pond slowly lowering it into the hole. Once you have the whole pond covered slowly pat it down into your pond. You can walk on your liner but I suggest you remove any footwear and mould the liner into place.

With the liner in place make sure you have an overhang all around your pond, you can now start filling the pond slowly. The weight of the water will push the liner into place as it fills but may need some assistance removing any creases as it fills.

Before the pond is completely full stop filling and trim around the pond edging leaving 10cm to 15cm of liner overhanging all the way around.

Finish Your Pond Edging

You can place mortar around the pond edge where you first removed the turf. The mortar should go on top of the over hanging liner and straight onto the soil. You can then place your chosen pond edging straight on top of the mortar making sure it is level.

Finishing Touches

Before you add plants or fish it is wise to paint all the concrete edging and slabs with a pond sealant which will keep any nasty chemicals from entering your pond. Even if your water does not come into contact with the pond edging, it still rains and water will flow into your pond after coming into contact with concrete or slabs.

Once you have done all the above it is wise to leave your pond for a few months before introducing any fish or plants.

Then you are ready to complete your ponds look and feel with any finishing touches you wish.

Using pond liner is one of the most simpliest methods and with such good quality liners around these days it will give you a pond for life.

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