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Unique Ponds

What would you class as unique ponds? something out of the ordinary? something very large? or even a little crazy or strange in design?

I believe that every pond is unique, you will never get the same pond twice. You may have the same design or prefab pond in place, but you will never have the same fish or plants.

Creating an unusual pond is really down to you, your design skills and how fat your wallet is.

You may want to design the whole look and feel in a unique way with the pond as a centre of attention like the picture below.

Unusual pond

You may want a 4 tier pond, the first tier holding plants which cascades to a tier with goldfish, leading to a tier filled with pebbles with a final tier of koi carp.

You can make it as unusual as you like as long as you are able to construct your master design.

What ever you do, your pond will be unique to you and no one else.

You can integrate stepping stones,a bridge, cascades, water sculptures, pools, bogs, marsh, plants and much more into one single pond.

Having a crazy sculpture is unique but it all boils down to what your personal preference is.

unique garden pond

You just have to use your imagination on this one, as for me telling you what to do wouldn't make it your unique creation.

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