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Types of Koi

With so many types of koi available now,every pond owner or beginner seems to want to own them, this has become so much easier to do these days with the availability and cost becoming less expensive.

Its true to say there are very many expensive Koi still available if you are buying the best Koi bloodline which still remains in Japan. The United Kingdom and United States are now producing huge amounts of Koi as well.

Types of koi

It is only the bloodline that makes these very expensive as they are pedigree Koi,non pedigree Koi are no less colourful and can form the same markings.

There are so many different types of Koi but the scientific name for them all is Cyprinus carpio.

Koi should also be called just "Koi" and not "Koi carp" as Koi already has carp incorporated within it. It would be the same as saying "goldfish fish".

Whatever you are happy to own, non-pedigree Koi or want to become a specialist and own only pedigree Koi is down to you and your budget.

I am sure by now that you have noticed that Koi come in all sorts of colours and the correct way to describe them is with "class" and "variety". Under each class of Koi comes different varieties and then there are sub-varieties and can become very confusing.

Reports of the first Koi were made of 3 colours, red, white and yellow, and that all other Koi came from breeding these first original Koi.

It can take a long time to learn all the terms and read all the markings. But if you are just starting out the most important thing is to pick healthy Koi.

Some classes of Koi, just click on the links below.











hikari Utsuri




kin Gin Rin

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