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Small Garden Ponds

Small garden ponds are the most popular due to the majority of us having a small area to work with.

Most new houses come with the simple square garden and a more modern look. I personally would keep your pond formal and have a nice reasonable above ground pond.

Build it with bricks to match the surrounds and use your imagination - maybe a rectangular, square or circular pond with pots around the edges? Use a simple fountain to keep the water from becoming stagnant.


If you want to go for a small garden pond with an informal look the aim is to make it look natural! Like taking a photo of a wild pond and placing it in your garden. Keep it level grounded and plant lots of bog plants and grasses. Use loads of natural materials.

Or if you're having a patio then have a pond that is level grounded and have paving slabs around the edge to match the patio. Using materials in different parts of the garden give it a great look and feel and brings the areas together.

There really are endless ideas you can create in a small garden. One good trick is for a narrow garden is to use a big circle in your garden design. Have the pond of to one side of the circle as this will make your garden look wider.

Sit down with paper and a pencil and have a go at sketching your pond and its surroundings. You do not have to stick with your first idea and you do not need to do it all in one night.

formal pond Watch gardening programs and jot down any ideas you like and try incorporating them into your garden.

If you are having a ground level pond then do not forget you are going to have a big heap of soil that can be used around the pond or to help create a waterfall or cascade.

Never think that you can not have a pond due to having a small garden. It's getting popular with people that want a bigger pond in a small garden to have decking raised above and over the pond.


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