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Preformed Ponds

Preformed ponds also known as prefabricated ponds or rigid units are the easiest material to use when installing a pond.

When creating a formal looking pond, where accurate measurements and dimensions are required, the preformed pond is perfect. It's easy to keep the pond symmetrical, and the square, rectangular and circular shapes are easy to build around when creating a formal or patio pond.

They come in predetermined shapes with built in shelves which many people love as they do not need to design a pond.

With the shelves built in around the sides, you can pack your shallow water plants together and this will create a great informal look as well as hide the rim of your pond.

Preformed-Pond The only trouble with these ponds is that the size is restricted, so if you are looking to create a large pond, then the pond liner will need to be used.

The largest of these ponds can hold a complete Koi selection or a collection of mixed fish, but depending on the size you want will depend on what material you will use. You have to remember that you have to get this pond home if they do not deliver and move it into and around your back garden.

The shiny surfaces of these ponds make it very easy to clean and maintain.

When buying a pond of this type an important factor to take into account is the durability as these ponds are made from many different materials.

Fibreglass is the strongest and will hopefully last a lifetime.

Reinforced plastic which is also a very good rigid material.

Then there are the semi-rigid ones made from a cheaper plastic but can give a good 5 to 10 year life.

The more you pay the better quality you are getting, which is true for most things these days. Just see how long the guarantee is before purchasing.

There are repair kits available if your pond does start to leak, but with plenty of structural support around these ponds you should never have any problems.

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