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Pond Plants


pond plants


Pond plants play a big part in keeping your pond clean and balanced, without plants in your pond algae can grow out of control. Algae and all types of plants battle for the nutrients in the water. Itís a good idea to have a wide range and a variety of aquatic plants.

Plants help filter the water by changing fish waste into plant food. Plants use the waste as a fertilizer and put oxygen back into your pond and protect them with surface coverage. Aquatic plants will also help in providing a good spawning habitat. All types of water plants are pleasing to the eye and are good for the environment.

All pond plants consume nitrogen chemicals, such as, nitrates and phosphates that are produced in pond water. Let the plants work for you to balance your pond. Plant foliage will remove carbon dioxide and minerals from the water which will then starve any algae.

Pond plants remove nitrates which reduce weeds and algae which can be a problem. They can also help you get a good water balance and shelter for your fish in the pond.
Plants that live under water battle for nutrients that algae thrive on, and supply much needed oxygen for fish and wild life. They are also good for providing shelter and spawning grounds.

Floating plants should not cover more than 50% of your pond, this helps keep a good balance and is much needed to give vital shade and cover to fish and wild life, and continue to fight the battle against algae.

When temperatures rise in the warmer months it helps keep your pond cool and visa versa in cooler times.
Plants that are planted deep in your pond take fish waste and use it as a fertilizer to enhance their growth, this allows them to flourish, bloom and add colour.

Bog plants grow best in the shallow areas of ponds or water gardens; they also like the moist and boggy areas around the edges. Plants will help your appearance of the pond and give your water feature the finished look that will give you pleasure for years to come.

Below are some types of plants and algae control.

Floating pond plants

Submerged pond plants

Hardy bog plants

Lotus Plants

Algae eating pond snails


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