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Pond Planning Preparing

Pond planning preparing needs to be thought out seriously to make sure everything runs smoothly.

You need to have all the materials ready, tools available and possibly help at hand if doing any heavy duty work.

You may decide to get professionals to construct your pond from scratch in which case you may only be needed for particular jobs or answer questions to insure they get your pond how you want it.

The Plan


The first job is to get your design in place.

Once you have your design in place you need to work out quantities and sizes of materials that are needed.

Pond in construction 12

Once you have a list of all the materials and sizes you want you need to phone around or search the net to get these at the best price possible. If you are visiting your local aquatic centre then see if they deliver otherwise you have to get the materials home and into your garden.

Once all the materials are in place you then need to have the right tools for the job.


Depending on the pond you are building will depend on the tools you need. Insure you have all the tools you need before you plan a Saturday to get stuck in and realise you have something missing and takes you twos hours to get to B&Q and back.

Also see Tools


If you are planning on digging a huge hole or lifting bags of sand around you may need to consider having some help. So plan ahead and arrange free days with friends or family to construct your pond.

Building your Pond

Once materials, tools and help are at hand you need to start building your pond. This needs to be done in the correct order to prevent any hiccups.

E.g. Natural Pond

1. Dig hole

2. Dig holes for any pipe work and electric cables.

3. Lay any foundation that maybe required for retaining walls etc.

4. Lay underlay or sand over bottom of hole.

5. Lay liner over hole.

6. Fill pond with water to about ? high.

7. Building any walls or block work around pond.

8. Trim liner around pond.

9. Finish pond edging.

10. Completely fill pond.

11. Landscape.

12. Introduce Plants.

13. Introduce Fish.

Pond planning preparing might all sound very simple on paper but I insure you it can be very hard work.

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