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Pond Materials

Pond materials come in a variety of shapes and sizes which can be used to create a ground level pond or an above ground pond.

They need to be used to keep the water in and not soaking into the surrounding soil.

Choosing the material and its size will depend on your budget, how large you want your pond and where you are going to place it.

The good thing is that you can choose your material, do all the construction yourself and there is no need to be experienced or pay for professionals to construct your pond.

The variety and choice of materials is huge and easily accessible, with many places offering a delivery service it should be no problem getting what you need from A to B.

Once you have your pond up and running it can be easily extended using these materials once again to create a marsh area, bog area, other small ponds, rock pools and other water features.

When deciding on the material you are going to use it needs to be as big as your garden will accommodate, too small will not house many fish if any.

Every 25cm of fish you have, 1 metre square of pond is required.

Types of Pond Material

Concrete Ponds

This material involves a lot of work and best used when you have had past experiences.

Preformed Ponds

The perfect choice for creating symmetrical shapes and easiest choice of material to install.

Pond Liners

Great for creating your very own pond design.

Plastic Ponds

Plastic ponds are preformed ponds but are not as durable as fibreglass.......

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