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Pond Algae

A certain amount of good pond algae is not bad for your pond; itís used as a food source for plants and Fish. Itís when it starts to form colonies the problems begin and your pond gets covered in a green widespread mass.

Like all plants it needs light and nutrients to survive, †to combat it try adding some floating plants such as water hyacinth, duck weed, or any other pond plants, this will give your pond much needed shade and deprive the algae of some light and nutrients it needs to grow, the plant roots can also be used for breeding purposes.

Having a good pump, waterfall or fountain keeps the water circulating; there is nothing worse than a pond that is stagnant as this is the perfect conditions for algae to develop.
Another way to combat algae is by running the water through an Ultraviolet (sterilizer not clarifier) or biological filter while itís circulating through the pump to your waterfall or fountain, UV can help kill a lot of the unwanted ugly stuff by destroying the DNA, a bit like the sun does to your skin and the biological filter use single cells organisms to consume the algae in the pond.

Remember to keep these pumps and filterís running at all times except in freezing conditions (of course) for the best results. Theses filters can take months to balance your pond, but believe me itís worth the wait when you see the outcome.

A bit of elbow grease can be called for from time to time, any stringy or floating type can be removed by hand or even by a mechanical water skimmer, donít get confused with the furry type of algae which is found all around the pond as itís a good food source for the fish to have a nibble.
Do not get disheartened if you have just started your pond as the algae is always at its greatest in the early stages, as I said above you need to give your pond time to balance.

Itís always going to be a battle with algae, if you do the things I have mentioned above then you will win through in the end and enjoy the pleasures of a clean and healthy pond.




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