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Plastic Ponds

Plastic ponds are the same as preformed ponds. Most people looking to have a pond in their garden for the first time will call them plastic and they are right, but experts tend to call them preformed ponds.

plastic pond You mainly have 3 types.

Glass reinforced plastic

Rigid plastic

Flexible plastic

Glass reinforced plastic being the most expensive.

Rigid plastic being cheaper.

Flexible plastic which is the cheapest but only come in small sizes as they will not support a medium or large pond.

Most plastic ponds may only last 5 to7 years where fibreglass can last 25 years plus.

These ponds come in all different sizes and shapes to either fit a formal look or an informal look. You can even get different colours but I would stick to black or green.

If you planning on having plants make sure you get one with plenty of shelves so that you have somewhere to place them. This is also great to hide the lip of these moulded shaped ponds.

An irregular shape would fit a ground level wildlife pond when a basic rectangle or circle shape would fit an above ground informal pond.

These ponds are more expensive than liners and you are restricted with your design but the big bonus is that they are the easiest to construct and have your pond up and running.

My own personnel opinion would to use plastic shaped moulds when creating a formal or an above ground pond and if you are creating a more natural ground level pond use liner.

When using plastic preformed shapes just insure you have the mould level otherwise when you fill it up it will look very unnatural.

My own past ponds have been made with liner as I always prefer the more natural look. But have seen and help build many with plastic or fibreglass and they can look the part.

If you are having the pond above ground or partly above ground ensure you build around the pond and back fill to support the mould otherwise after a while the weight of the water may produce cracks.

One last point is that if your budget allows you have a fibreglass pond and not a plastic one.

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