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Patio Ponds

Patio ponds can completely change the way your garden looks and be the perfect solution to inject some life into it. Most patio ponds are made from pre formed containers. You can buy especially made ponds from fibreglass or reinforced plastic, use a barrel, dustbin or anything that will hold water.

The shape of the pre formed pond then automatically creates the shape of your pond. Then you just need to build your patio around the shape of the pre formed container.

Patio Pond Once you have decided on the shape of your pre formed container you need to think about where you are going to site it in your garden. Take into consideration, trees, sunlight and accessible electricity point. Next you need to decide on the patio you are going to build around the pond.

If using a pond liner then any of the material above the water gets damage by both the sunlight and winter frost. Having overhanging edging will provide plenty of protection. This will also hinder wildlife trying to leave the pond so have plenty of pots, rocks or logs to help them out.

Only have a quarter of the paving slabs overhanging to prevent tilting.

Please insure you use a pump to keep the water moving and to keep your pond clean.

Patio Ponds Make sure that any cement, paving slabs or mortar that come into contact with the water are painted with pond paint. This will keep in all unwanted chemicals that will harm your fish, plants and wildlife.

You do not need to use paving slabs, you could use natural stone, bricks, setts, decking, sandstone, limestone, slate, pebbles, cobbles or gravel.




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