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Mixed Ponds

People have mixed ponds as it is a great place to start. It is the most popular choice of pond and if you are on a budget or do not have the time to specialise then this type of pond can bring you lots of enjoyment.... ...And wildlife with lots of insects, amphibians that seem to appear from nowhere. You get to choose a selection of fish and plants and need not worry to much about the style, size or design of your pond.

You may be restricted in the size of pond you can have so a small garden pond will fit much better if you make it a mixed pond.

The reason it is called a mixed pond, just in case you do not know, is that you must have a variety of plants and fish and not just stick to a pond full of just say... koi carp and no plants.

Picture of pond


You get to choose what ever fish you like, and a mixed variety of fish can be fun to watch as they all have their own individual behaviours.

Pick the plants you like.

Need not do much planning and can be up and running in no time. You can design your pond to your budget.

You can have any shape you like (more or less!)

It can fit into any small garden.

You can use any material to construct your pond.

They can fit the look and feel you want to create in your garden.


Just make sure that all your fish will get along in your pond.

Do not over stock on plants and fish (BIG NO NO).

Make sure you keep the pond maintained well as fish of any type still need to be looked after.


Whenever keeping fish, a minimum of 1.5m depth should be obtained.

You can vary the width and length of your pond depending on the amount of plants and fish you would like to keep. For a pond to house around 8 to 10 fish I would try to have a pond no smaller than 2m x 2m. (The bigger the better where fish are involved).

Just remember that the depth is no less important than the length or width of your pond.

Frog and lily Insure you have shelves built around the edge of the pond for plants to sit... ...this will also give fish a great place to breed and lay their eggs. The more shelves you have the more variety of plants you will be able to choose from.

As this type of pond is more natural and will attract other wildlife, having a sloping beach effect in one area is needed for these creatures to enter and exit your pond.

That is about the basic over view of a mixed pond. As long as you keep a few important factors in place pretty much anything goes.

Just ensure you keep an eye on the water quality and maintain the pond well and you will have years of enjoyment.

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