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Koromo Koi


Koromo includes Ai Goromo, Koromo Sanke Sumi Goromo, Budo Goromo. Koromo means robed, referring to the normal appearance of the vignette. Some organisations, classify Goshiki with Kawarimono or as a separate category.

Koromo are a group of non-metallic Koi which are similar to Kohaku, with the additional common feature of a blue or black effect or vignette. The vignette covers red patterns only for Ai, Sumi and Budo Goromo, Koromo Showa and Koromo Sanke. Traditional Goshiki have a vignette over red and white, and modern Goshiki over white skin only.

All Koromo and Goshiki have a basic Asagi bloodline originally crossed with other varieties like Kohaku and Sanke. Kohaku red and white patterns are also important for Koromo and red patterns for Goshiki.
For crossbred Koi, appropriate Sanke/Showa black pattern appreciation points apply.
The blue or black vignette effect is expected to be defined at trailing, scale edges.

A slightly blurred leading edge typifies this group, Koromo usually show beautiful blue or black sashi at the leading edge of each red pattern. Goshiki koi are a very mixed group. White skin can appear almost black on some, and on others the vignette effect is pale grey and very indistinct.
Any group may show defects of shape or proportion, like a small pointed head, poorly shaped or wrongly sized fins.

Colour and pattern based problems already discussed for Kohaku and Showa apply to this group. Kohaku style red patterns are common to the entire Koromo group and the points discussed for Sanke and Showa black patterns apply to crossbred Koi like Koromo Sanke.
The vignette has a set of problems all of its own. It may be uneven and failing to develop at all in some areas.




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