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Koi Ponds and Fountains

This section, Koi Ponds and Fountains, is based on having a fountain in your Koi pond. It is no different to having a fountain in a mixed or wildlife pond, I just like to make sure I cover every aspect.

Fountains do two things, one for the fish and one for you.

For you they create a lovely effect on a hot summer day with the light catching every single drop, or outdoor or underwater lighting at night can create an even more spectacular show.

Large Pond Fountain

The other thing benefits the fish; they provide great amounts of oxygen into the water, which is even more beneficial on summer nights and in winter months. In winter months I would raise the pump of the bottom of the pond, about half way up. This will help keep the warm water at the bottom of the pond and not pump it out into the freezing temperatures.

The Basics

Most pumps come will a few basic nozzles which you just have leading straight out of the water or you have it attached to a statue, like the common little boy statue where he is weeing into the water.

Most pumps come with a flow switch, which you can adjust to make your fountain higher or lower. Always insure that the water is returning to the pond and not spilling over the sides, also allow for the wind blowing the fountain spray out of the pond as well.

You also get a second junction pipe on the pump which you can use to create another moving water feature.

When the pump is placed in the pond you may find that the fountain nozzle does not come above the surface, therefore you need to get an extension pipe. Yes you can put the pump on a stand in the pond but this will not keep the bottom of the pond clean and this is where the majority of the waste is.


You need to check your pump at least once a week. Most basics pumps are quite simple to clean. Turn them off, remove pump filters and nozzle, clean all of it in warm water and return to pump. Submerge pump back into the pond and turn on.

You may need to clean the nozzle more often, as when a couple of holes get blocked it makes the whole water spray in odd ways.

If you have a separate filter box then remove the foam and brushes and clean them in warm water, then remove any debris from the box. Try to leave some algae in these filters as it helps with the natural cleaning process.

A lot of koi keepers choice not to have fountains as it can make viewing their fish more difficult, they tend to go more for a waterfall or cascade over the opposite side of the pond where feeding may take place.

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