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Koi Pond Pumps

Koi pond pumps for your pond need to quality and reliable and are essential for your filtration system and they are mainly running all year round.

A pump sucks water in through a pipe and propels it out of an outlet pipe which is run by an electric motor. The speed this happens depends on two things.

1. The size of the impeller inside your pump.

2. The amount of electricity the motor uses.

It can be a difficult decision choosing the right pump for your pond as the selection of pumps available today are huge.

You will have to decide on having an external pump or a submersible pump.

waterfall pond

External Koi Pond Pumps

External pumps are placed outside of the pond and suck the water up through a pipe that is placed at the bottom of your pond. If you have an external pump placed below the water level, the water will flow automatically into the pipe and towards your pump.

If you have your external pump above water level you will need to fit a non return valve to stop water returning back into the pond when the pump is switched off. This will draw air into the pipe and the pump will not be able to draw the water up when turned back on.

Submersible Koi Pond Pumps

These pumps need to be placed under water at all times to operate fully and if removed when turned on they canl burn out very quickly.

This is the best pump to use in small to medium ponds and have outlet pipes that can be used to run fountains, waterfalls and cascades.

If you have a filtration system you can place the pump in the last container, this will mean that the pump will need less maintenance and perform more efficiently, all debris and algae is then removed before the water enters the pump system.

Flow Rate of a Pump

When choosing your pump it needs to be capable of pumping the total volume of water in your pond every two hours to help keep a healthy pond. Choosing a pump that is not capable of this, or if your pump is running to slow it will cause blockages, this can cause ammonia and nitrate levels to rise and oxygen levels to drop.

You can also use a UV system to have clearer water, these systems have a minimum flow rate, if your pump drops below the rate required it may cause greener water and algae growth.

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