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Koi Pond Netting

Koi pond netting is ugly and ruins the effect of trying to keep either a natural pond looking natural or blocks the view slightly when trying to enjoy your pond. These are the only downfalls to having your pond covered with netting but has many more benefits and should seriously be considered.

If you can get the finest net available, then at a distance it will seem invisible.

The main reason for having pond netting is to catch falling leaves before they hit your pond. When leaves are left on the surface they eventually sink to the bottom and begin to decay that can become harmful to your fish. You have the time to net these leaves off the pond on a very regular basis but you will never stop them all as you may sleep at night but your pond does not.


Another benefit, pond netting will give you is insurance that predators will be kept out. Cats, birds, foxes and depending on where you are racoons can be kept at bay. People have lost all their fish in one day. Hedgehogs are not harmful but could easily get caught up in the net so be sure to check every morning. If you try and have steep sides to your pond this will also help keep predators at bay.

Just insure frogs and other wildlife are not trapped, leave small areas around the side so these creatures can stay and go as they please.

white koi

So nets are great at keeping things out of the pond but also are great for keeping things in. Your fish will sometimes jump and occasionally they jump a little too far. I have only ever lost one fish this way and is a horrible experience to come home and find one of your favourite fish that you have had for 4 years has gone this way.

Indoor ponds normally have a plastic wall built around the edge but if you do not have this luxury then pond netting will do the same job. Inside pond netting is mainly for jumping fish or possibly to keep out the pet cat.

You maybe able to design your pond better so it is possible not to have a net.


Have high sides then cats and herons can not reach your fish. This will keep jumping fish in as well.

Site your pond away from bushes and trees so you do not have a problem with falling leaves.

Make sure there are no branches nearby for kingfishers to perch on.

If you can do all the above you may never need koi pond netting or you may use other methods to keep predators away.

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