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Koi Pond Bottom Drains


Koi pond bottom drains have one main job to do and that is to transfer all water from the bottom of your pond where all the debris and waste builds up which can become hazardous to your Koi.

Once the water flows into your drain it flows straight into your filter system or a Vortex Chamber which is becoming very popular and then into your filtration systems.

If you are planning on having a bottom drain then you need to put them into your planning and construction in the very early stages. You need to place the bottom drain at the deepest part of your pond to insure that all bottom waste is removed.

Then try and have the water flowing back into your pond at the furthest point away from your drain to give a good circulation of water.

Koi plenty

Koi pond bottom drains are set in concrete as you construct your pond bottom and therefor need to be correct without making any mistakes.

The bottom drain has a large outlet pipe which will also run under your pond bottom and into your vortex chamber or filtration system, this pipe needs to be a pressure pipe to insure that it will never break or leak.

You can also use bottom drains with a liner. Any bottom drain that you buy will come with instructions. But do not cut any corners when having bottom drains in place,if they leak you may have to dig up your whole pond and start again. Nightmare!!!!

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