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Koi Feeder


The Koi feeder is a machine that automatically feeds your Koi when you are either away on holiday or you feel that it can insure they get fed at a pacific time so many times a day. You may work away a lot or be away for long periods through out the day and can not feed them as often as you would like.

If you want to tame your Koi and hand feed them, yes feed them out of your hand not people's hands, then a Koi feeder is best used only when necessary. If possible ask a friend or neighbour to check your pond a few times a day as they can also check if you have had any Koi jump out. They can also check your filters and other systems you have in place are running correctly.

If you are going to use a feeder then insure that it is set to feed little amounts more often than one big feed a day. Also when setting these machines it may be a good idea to do it a few days before holiday just to insure that it is working correctly.

koi and turtle

Another note to take is that it is best to underfeed than overfeed so if you are not sure what amount to feed then less is better than more.

You can get all types of feeders, but I suggest that if you are away from home for long periods of time and often then I suggest that you get a quality feeder. This is because cheaper versions can lose or gain time on the timers and therefore either your Koi get fed more and more often or the gap between feeds get further and further apart.

If you have no friends or neighbours and can not afford a feeder then Koi will survive without food for two weeks. To do this you need to feed your Koi less and less everyday and then the day you depart on your hols do not feed them at all. On your return you need to feed them sparingly and slowly build their feed back up.

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