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Japanese Ponds


Japanese ponds are 99% of the time stocked with koi carp and I have a section on Koi ponds, but with this section I wanted to go into more detail as the Japanese style is just beautiful. Water gardeners in Japan originally and still do design these gardens by making a miniature version of their country. They use rocks as mountains, small cascades as waterfalls and interlinking streams with great shrubbery which make a fantastic view.

One day I would love to go to Japan and visit some gardens and temples - they are truly lovely! Visiting Japan is certainly on my "to do" list before I grow old!

Anyway..back to Japanese gardens! They have grown in popularity and are hugely admired so much so that the design has spread through out the world.

Japanese Pond

The most common designs use rocks, trees, grasses and shrubs which all have that greeny grey effect and the traditional red bridge.

The Koi create the only other colour with amazing tones of red and orange bringing this type of pond to life.

Some of the features you can use to give the Japanese effect are stepping stones, pebbles, rocks of all sizes, bamboo, lanterns and the red bridge.

The main rocks to use in your Japanese ponds are Limestone, Sandstone, Granite, Slate and the Tuffa rock which is great for rock plants to grow over. Japanese pond beds are normally filled with gravel and stones and have very few plants growing in them. This is because the water should be kept crystal clear - a good filtration system is therefore needed.

Then do not forget the bamboo pipe that fills up and rocks over making that funny noise....just looked it up they are called shishi odoshi and can be used for a source of a stream or waterfall - very slow waterfall I guess! (Make sure the noise will not annoy the neighbours to much).

And then last of all there is the tea house which may be a little to large for most gardens or backyards.

Japanese garden

The main plants used are Bonsai trees, moss, bamboo, Japanese maple, Japanese barberry, Japanese cedar, Japanese garden juniper, Japanese pieris, Japanese red pine, Japanese white pine and Japanese Flowering cherry.

Do not worry if your garden is small the rocks come in smaller sizes as do the lanterns and you can even get miniature red bridges too!

Japanese pond bridge

Japanese pond design

japanese pond design

japanese ponds designs

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