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Hikari-utsuri Koi

Hikari-utsuri Koi

Hikari Utsuri includes Gin Shiro Utsuri, Kin-Ki Utsuri and others. Metallic Utsurimono and Showa are very uncommon, especially at a good standard; it would be an achievement to find a good example, with the beauty of the shining metallic base and the features of Utsurimono or Showa.

Hikari Utsuri is the metallic equivalents to basic Utsurimono and Showa varieties. They normally have black patterns on their head, pectoral fin joints or broad stripes, and deeply wrapping and jagged black patterns on its body. Kin Showa is silver, gold, or metallic red and black. The metallic Utsuri have black patterns on a silver, gold or metallic or orange and red base. They originate from Crossbreeding experiments between Showa,Utsurimono and Hikarimuji.varieties.They have a good shape; clear colours; and sharp edges, nicely balanced pattern elements are all very important.

As for some Hikarimoyo, a clear silver window on the head of Kin Showa is a good point, because the silver base has to be very small and has a greatest advantage on the head.
Common pattern and pattern edges discussed for Utsurimono, Showa (black patterns) and Kohaku (red patterns) are seen, together with poor growth.
The black patterns could look very brownish or faded and they do not grow to a very big size.
Small speckles over base colours are a very frequent occurrence.




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