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Gay Boxall's Pond


Meet Klondike and Yukon!! Gnorman the Gnome now has an incentive to keep awake! Klondike is named after a goldfish I had when I was small that my mother christened (my husband says she has a lot to answer for!) so the other one had to be Yukon.

They have distinct personalities - Klondike, the larger one, is quite adventurous and we often see him swimming around, but Yukon is incredibly timid and hardly ever comes out from under the plants.

I did try them with some goldfish flakes, but they show no interest whatsoever - either they're so stupid they don't realise it's food, or they're finding enough natural food in the pond. They seem lively and healthy enough so I guess they're OK.

Thank you for your help and advice.

Kind Regards Gay Boxall

Gay Boxalls Pond

Gay Boxalls Pond

Gnorman the Gnome

Gay Boxalls Pond

1 Year Later

Last year you gave us lots of advice on acquiring and looking after our goldfish and you also very kindly gave us a page on your website. We thought we'd update you with their progress now we've had them for just over a year.

They came through the winter with flying colours in spite of the intense cold (although we didn't see them for such a long time we thought they'd died!) and they're very different from when we bought them. They look about twice the size for a start and they're nowhere near as timid as they used to be. The other day I had my hand in the pond up to the elbow dragging out excess pond weed, and they were virtually swimming round my fingers! They look really healthy and I've attached an up-to-date photo of them.

Kind Regards Gay Boxall

1 Year Later Pond

1 year later goldfish


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