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Garden Rock Ponds


Garden rock ponds can be any type of pond you like but the surround differs.

You can just completely surround and fill the pond with rocks or pebbles or.....

.....if you have a slope in your garden then it is ideal to use this to your advantage and turn it into a rock garden. Not only will it create a great visual affect on different levels but you can have a pond at the bottom of the slope.

Transforn your slope

Rock PondYou just need to transform this slope with rocks and fresh soil. Position the plants correctly around the rocks. i.e. large plants behind large rocks, plants that will grow over rocks and other small plants to fill the gaps inbetween.

Once you have your design incorporate a rivulet with some small pools and a pond at the base. A rivulet is a very narrow and short stream which in turn creates fast flowing water that when it reaches your pond makes a beautiful relaxing sound.

Add a rivulet

I would suggest building the pond first and then adding the rivulet afterwards.

Once you have a pond in place and a slope to its side with your rock garden, you need to dig into the slope creating a downward hill that will run down into your pond.

At the top of this stream you need to dig a shallow pool, this is where the water will be pumped into.

Position the electric cables and pipes, that will carry the water, in place and lay a PVC liner over the stream that you dug out into the side of your rock garden slope.

Cover all the plastic with rocks, pebbles, slate and stones.

The pump is in the bottom pond - switch on and watch your top pool slowly fill and then the water will run down over your rocks into the lower pond.

Rock Pond 2

Cover the bottom of your pond

You can fill the whole pond with pebbles, stones or rocks, but just keep in mind that you may have to get in and clean it which could cause punctures when standing on the rocks.

Rock ponds or pools are normally created between the top and bottom. This makes a very small shallow pool filled with rocks and pebbles in the middle of this stream which creates a lovely effect.

Finishing Touches

Plant a few ferns to the side and have mosses growing over your damp rocks and hey presto you have a small stream, running over rocks, into a pond creating a lovely garden rock pond.

It is however more common just to have a set of rock pools than it is to have a pond at the base of this feature. You can also create streams, waterfalls, rivulets and cascades that all look great running through a rock garden.

Rock Pond 3

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