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Garden Pond Electrics

If you decide on doing all your garden pond electrics yourself then please buy and use electrical equipment that is designed for outdoor use. I am sure you are aware that electricity and water do not mix, and can be very dangerous.

If you buy proper equipment and follow the instructions down to a tee then you shouldn’t have any problems, but if you are ever in doubt call a professional.

Use Protective Cables

Garden Electrics Always check any electrics, power points and cables regularly and keep well maintained. When placing cables underground make sure you use protective cables, either toughened plastic or metal, this will protect you when doing any future digging or maintenance from the hidden cables. Even better bury them 50cm down or more and this should eradicate any problems in the future.

Try and keep switches and junction boxes inside, but if you are unable make sure they are completely waterproof.

At no time should you take any risks if you are unsure about any of the procedures. Call a local electrician and they will help.


It is best to keep all cables running underground where they are out of the way of animals, children, adults and nature itself. Wind and rain can cause huge amounts of damage especially if you have cables loose or draping about.

If you are to keep them above ground then keep them tidy and tucked away from flower, shrubs, lawn and walkways.

Always remember where your cables are positioned underground. You need to know this for many reasons. Future garden maintenance, garden construction, extensions being built, repairs to cables or when you sell your home the buyers will want to know this information.


circuit breaker


It is now possible to use a transformer in your garden which enables you to run a lower AC voltage or a very low DC voltage which means that if an accident was to happen then there is every chance it would not cause you any harm.Just a bit of a shock and it could make you jump a bit which could be very scary and create a heart beat of about a million beats per second.

Whenever you have any outside mains circuit, fit a circuit breaker so that if there are any accidents or breakages then the electric is switched off automatically.

Circuit breakers can be placed at the fuse box, power socket or on a plug.I would never be without one.

Whenever you are setting up pumps, lights or heaters for your pond always use outside designed equipment at all times, If in any doubt get a qualified electrician, its worth it in the end.

Safety always comes first with garden pond electrics or any electrics what so ever.


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