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Designing a Pond


When designing a pond you need to take your time and plan everything down to the last detail. If you rush into it you will come across lots of draw backs and even waste lots of your hard earned money.

Once you have assessed your garden, chose a suitable site, start designing on paper what you want your pond to look like. You need a list of materials, equipment, measurements so you can work out the cost. Once you are happy you can move forward to ordering materials and so forth.

What You Will NeedDesigning a Pond

Hopefully you will have decided on having an informal or formal design weather it is above ground or ground level, but you need to decide on materials, colours and textures that will fit the look and feel you are trying to accomplish.

The best way forward on this is to buy magazines, look through garden or pond books and talk to friends or family and gather many ideas until you can decide on what exactly you want.

When designing a pond it is a good idea to have a folder that you can keep ideas in, sketches, magazines and even have results of pond tests that you will do in time to come.

Drawing a pond design

Purchase some paper with grids and draw all you final designs to scale. Every square on the paper can be 1 metre in your garden. Place all other objects, walls, fences, trees etc onto the plan. Then make sure your design is well away from trees, has good viewing from many areas and that you can have access to all areas of the pond.

This is also a good time to add where your water pipes and electric wires are going to enter or leave the pond. It is great to have all this underground but not essential as they can be hidden many ways.

If you are having a preformed pond then you might know the size of it already and then can quite easily move the shape of the pond around your garden design to see where it will fit best.


If you know the size of your pond then it may be wise to purchase your pump early. This way you can check the inlet and outlet dimensions and buy the correct size pipe to bury underground when constructing your pond.

Using Liners

If you are planning on using liner then always build the pond first before you purchase any liner other wise the liner could end up to small or to big which could have saved you money.


If you are having a pond that needs brick work or other similar construction work which you no nothing about it may be wise to get experts in to help you.

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