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Courtyard Fountains and Ponds


Why courtyard fountains and ponds and not just courtyard ponds?

The reason being it has been tradition for hundreds of years to have a fountain as your main feature in a courtyard and not a pond.

The tradition of having fountains or ponds in your courtyard used to be for the rich, but now it is easier to find a fountain or pond to suit your budget.

The sound of water is one of the most relaxing sounds and can help create perfect harmony in your courtyard or back garden.

Fountains and Ponds come in endless designs so you can choose a favorite.

water feature ponds Fountains and ponds now come in all sorts of beautiful styles and sizes and can easily be built with a pool or pond beneath it.

There is the traditional pool in the centre of the courtyard with a great fountain in the middle, or a wall mounted fountain that can work very well in smaller courtyards.

People even have them inside! Not what I would choose but then everyone is different! What more could you ask for than sitting in your courtyard, having a nice glass of wine, listening to the soothing sound of water!? Especially nice if you have had a stressful day!


Did you know that stress contributes to many types of illness such as heart disease, cancer and hypertension..what a perfect way to unwind listening to running water and relaxing by your pond!

If you have a small courtyard, then a small wall mounted fountain maybe best for you. If you do want a pond in a small area keep it in proportion with the size of the garden! You don't want it over powering your garden space. The biggest and most important thing when installing a fountain is that you get it level! Otherwise once in place it can look awful if it is lop sided or not over spilling correctly.

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