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Concrete Ponds


If you have had no experience working with concrete then building a pond with concrete can seem a little scary, and so you should be! You need to get the correct mix throughout making your pond as well as apply it correctly.

Using concrete is very labour intensive and is the most difficult material to work with.

These ponds are great for a square or rectangle shape and have certain elegance to them that other materials do not possess.

A Must with concrete ponds

Once you have your pond in place you will need to seal it with pond paint or fill with water and empty out and refill again. You need to do this change at least twice and leave the water for about 3 days each time. This will remove all the chemicals and excess lime out of the concrete to make the pond safe for fish.

When creating a this type of pond I would use a liner on top, not only is this extra safe against leaks but concrete when it becomes old will often have fresh hair line cracks appear.

Cracks and leaks are the downfall of these ponds, after time they will crack and eventually need emptying and repairing, this is caused by the earth moving, the original mix of concrete being inconsistent and the frost can also deter the concrete.

More on concrete ponds in the Building Ponds section.

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