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Bathtub Ponds


Bathtub ponds sound a little funny I know, but what better than a container which is a perfect size, was built to hold water and now come in different sizes and shapes!

It all started with people re-doing their bathrooms and dumping the bathtub into the garden. With a little imagination they decided to create a pond feature with the homeless bathtub.

Not only is it large enough to hold a small collection of fish, it is deep enough to not freeze completely over, but having moving water will also help it not to freeze.

Easy...Cheap...and Recycle!!

Bucket Pond The basis of a bathtub pond is the same as any other you are just recycling instead of buying a pre formed liner and they make a perfect small pond.

You can find old bath tubs down the dump, skips or even phone the council!

Make sure that when you seal the drainage pipe and over spill pipe that it does not leak!

You can paint them with special paint or just leave them because believe me after a while they will no longer be white. Alternatively try to find an old green bathtub which will be just perfect.

Bath tub ponds are a brilliant solution if you want to keep your start up costs low!

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