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Barrel Ponds

If you have your heart set on having a pond and your garden is very small then barrel ponds can answer your wish.

As long as you have a metre square to spare then there is sufficient room for a small pond. They are perfect for plants and wildlife, but just too small to keep more than two goldfish.

If you do decide on having a couple of goldfish then insure that you live in a warmer climate so that the pond does not completely freeze.

Easy To Install

barrel pond
There is not much planning involved as you can buy ready made barrels. You just need to find a good spot in your garden.

You need to place the barrel on bricks to keep it off the ground and use other pot plants around the barrel to create a natural look.

A single Japanese lily sat on a shelf inside the barrel created with a brick and hey presto, before you know it, wildlife we start appearing.

Barrels look great in any garden and you can use other containers too by burying them into the ground. Old buckets, sinks, dustbins, troughs and even old cisterns can be use to create a water feature, just keep your eyes out for a bargain or visit your local dump.

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