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Assessing Your Garden

Assessing your garden is the first and foremost thing your need to do before you go digging holes. You could have a small courtyard or a huge country garden and there will be a pond or even a small water feature that will fit in perfectly.

You need to have a pond that will blend in with your surroundings, maybe a large wildlife pond if you are out in the sticks or a small above ground water feature if you limited with space, which is often true when living in the city.

Check the size of your garden

country garden Spend some time in your garden and see how a pond would affect other people in your household.

Use some canes or hosepipe to layout where you might have the pond and live with it for a few days and see if works or becomes a nuisance. It may even be hazardous if you have small children around due to the depth of water or even sharp edges that maybe used within your design.

When it comes to designing a pond, bigger is not always better if you have a small area to work with. You may be better of having a small water feature with moving water to create a more tranquil area than an ornamental pond.

Look and Feel Factor

When assessing your garden for a pond or water feature you must decide on either an informal or formal style. All ponds come under two styles, one being informal and the other formal. If you live in the country then without a doubt you need to stick with the informal styles so that your pond will not look out of place. Or if you live in a very modern looking garden then a patio pond or above ground pond may suit the look and feel of your garden more appropriately.

Weather you pick an informal or formal style there are so many other factors that come into play that will make your pond unique to you. You have the size of your garden; your own personal likes and dislikes, the shape of your garden and the surroundings that come into play.

Other Factors

You need to consider some other factors when assessing your garden. If you plan on having pumps, filtration and light systems in place then you need to consider where the closest electricity supply is.

When you decide on these factors above you then can decide now or at a later date more of an in depth style. What plants you may use, make it a Japanese style, or more formal ponds have potted plants, bridges, fountains and other accessories.

Once you have your ideas in place but before you start designing consider the work it will require, digging holes, removing earth from the garden or using it create a waterfall or a raised bed of shrubs.

Waterfall What equipment will be needed, do you have easy access to your garden or do you need to walk through your house to access the garden.

Are you having running water, a waterfall to you maybe relaxing but your witch of a neighbour may complain and ask for it to be turned of at night or all together. (Trust me it happens...but then I couldn't blame her. That is my waterfall in my garden in the picture to the right).

Also consider your budget as cheaper equipment and materials could possibly all ends up needing replacing or repairing as they are not up to the job you require them to do.

I was joking about the waterfall by the way.

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