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Acidity Alkalinity



Acidity and alkalinity is all to do with the PH of the pond water, this in turn is important for the water quality and the health of the fish, if there is a fluctuation between the two either way can cause the PH to increase or decrease, which could have an effect on the fish and plants kept in a pond.

Ph is measured by the quantity of hydroxyl and hydrogen that is in the pond water, on a scale from 1 to 14, if hydrogen is the prominent ion the scale would read 0 and this would make the water very acidic, if hydroxyl is prominent the scale would read 14 and would be dangerously high in alkaline.

If there is an equal amount when measuring the PH in pond water then the reading would be 7 or there about, the term for this level is called neutral, this gives you happy and healthy fish.




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