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5 Easy Tips for Pond Maintenance


A pond is a great addition that can add value and authenticity of your home. However, a pond is susceptible to damage due to a number of factors that can adversely affect its structure and aquatic life. Hence, regular pond maintenance will help to keep your aquatic animals and plants in a good state while maintaining its appeal. Below are tips for maintaining your pond;

1. Clean your pond regularly

pond cleaningLeaves and sludge are common sources of trouble in ponds. You can use a skimmer net to remove leaves and other light litter from your pond. Sludge can be easily be cleared by the use of a pond vacuum or draining the pond having initially secured the aquatic animals in another reservoir.

2. Control algae

Algae is a great source of food for aquatic animals. However, they’re problematic when allowed to grow excessively. To control the spread of algae in your pond, introduce plants which demand high quantities of nutrients. Plants like hyacinth effectively compete for nutrients with algae. Additionally, you can use a rake to remove the micro-pants or spray the pond with an algaecide to control their growth.

3. Keep the right water level

It’s recommended to keep the water level of your pond at the three-quarter of the total depth. This ensures that the aquatic life accesses enough oxygen throughout the year. Refill your pond at regular intervals and check for leaks if your pond drains faster than normal rate.

4. Aerate your pond

Water aeration helps to maintain optimum oxygen levels for the aquatic life in your pond. Optimum aeration also keeps your pond’s appeal by preventing bad odors and excess growth of algae. You can introduce oxygenating plants to improve the level of oxygen in your pond. Furthermore, fountains, bubblers, and air pumps are alternative options for water aeration though they may increase your pond maintenance costs.

5. Check spillways, pumps, and filters

These parts are prone to damage and clogging. If your filter and pump get clogged, disconnect them and flush out the debris. Furthermore, inspect for damage and wear to the pumps and filters. Always ensure that the spillway stays clear of debris and prevent any bush from growing in them.


Pond maintenance helps keep your pond in a good shape while keeping the aquatic life healthy. The above tips will certainly help you to keep your water feature at optimum state for the benefit of the aquatic animals and plants.



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