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Pond Creation


Ponds big or small, water features, waterfalls, cascades, fountains, birds, amphibians, insects, fish, plants, bogs, marsh and even statues can all help create a perfect tranquil and relaxing area.


With a bit of know how, planning, construction and maintenance, you can create a healthy pond for all wildlife and create a look and feel to suit you and your surroundings.


It’s amazing how a water garden can bring you so much happiness and enjoyment and if you get it right it will give you years of enjoyment.

I have loved watching fish ever since I can remember and some how convinced my parents, at the age of thirteen, to let me keep fish in our back garden.

I took care of this for five years with a few horrible ups and downs. I eventually transferred them into a new site, in the same garden, which I had until 2010. The fish are now living “happily ever after” at a friends.


After 15 years of caring for my two ponds, helping build 3 others and reading huge amounts of books, I consider myself as quite an expert. I am now inbetween moving houses and do not want to create my next watergarden until I am certain I am staying put.

I have now decided to use my knowledge to help others!

Which brings me to……

My Website

You will discover that there are many different ponds that you can have in your garden and I will supply the information to help you plan, construct and maintain yours.

As I discovered at thirteen lots of things can go wrong and most probably will, but the more knowledge you have the easier it is to deal with any problems as and when they occur.

You can also read about the fish you can keep, the wildlife it will attract and how to keep those predators away.

You will find much more information on my website though…. from plants to diseases, breeding to feeding and even if you have a problem with a current water garden then hopefully you will find the answer you are looking for.

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